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About us Who We Are.

Greetings! I’m Scott Matthewman, the founder of Bear Environmental Consulting, LLC. Our mission is to harmonize responsible development with the preservation of Florida’s precious natural resources. Based in Central Florida, we’re committed to providing expert environmental solutions that respect the delicate balance of our unique ecosystem.

Our Services

Bear Environmental Consulting LLC offers a comprehensive suite of environmental
consulting services to address a variety of needs. Our services include:

Gopher Tortoise Services

Wetland Delineation And Permitting

Biological Assessments

Environmental Monitoring

GIS Mapping and Analysis

Invasive / Nuisance Species Assessments

What Our Clients Says We take pride in the positive feedback we receive from our valued clients.

Get In Touch

Ready to embark on your environmental journey with us? Reach out today to explore how Bear Environmental Consulting can tailor its expertise to your project’s needs. Whether you’re seeking guidance on Gopher Tortoise Surveys, Wetland Delineations, or any other environmental service, we’re here to provide insights and solutions that harmonize development with conservation. Let’s work together to create a sustainable future for Central Florida’s landscapes.