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Gopher Tortoise Services

While gopher tortoises are best left undisturbed in their natural habitats, there are instances where relocations become necessary. At Bear Environmental Consulting, our environmental scientists are licensed to survey for and relocate gopher tortoises in strict adherence to FWC Gopher Tortoise Permitting Guidelines.

Gopher Tortoise Surveys

Gopher Tortoise Surveys are essential environmental assessments conducted to identify the presence of Gopher Tortoises on a property or within a project area. The Gopher Tortoise, a keystone species in Florida’s ecosystems, often occupies burrows that resemble those of other animals. Our surveys employ scientifically proven methods outlined by the Florida Fish and Wildlife Conservation Commission (FWC) to accurately determine their presence. These surveys play a crucial role in compliance with FWC regulations, providing the foundation for informed decision-making on land development, conservation, or restoration projects.

Key Benefits: Ensures compliance with FWC regulations, identifies the presence of Gopher Tortoises, informs project planning.

Gopher Tortoise Permitting

Gopher Tortoise Permitting involves obtaining the necessary permits as mandated by FWC for projects that may impact Gopher Tortoise burrows or habitats.  Our expert team is well-versed in the intricacies of FWC Gopher Tortoise Permitting Guidelines and streamlines the permitting process for you. We collaborate with developers, landowners, and government agencies to secure permits efficiently, ensuring projects proceed smoothly while safeguarding Gopher Tortoise populations.

Key Benefits: Ensures legal compliance, expedites permitting process, promotes responsible development.

Gopher Tortoise Relocation

Description: Gopher Tortoise Relocation is a critical service aimed at preserving these iconic reptiles when their habitats face unavoidable disturbance due to development or construction projects. Gopher tortoises can be relocated on or off-site depending on the nature of the project. Following FWC guidelines, our team employs humane and expert methods to carefully relocate Gopher Tortoises from impacted areas to suitable, approved locations. This service not only meets regulatory requirements but also demonstrates a commitment to conserving Gopher Tortoise populations and the over three hundred species that utilize their burrows, contributing to the preservation of Florida’s unique ecosystems.

Key Benefits: Complies with FWC regulations, minimizes environmental impact, supports Gopher Tortoise conservation.

Your Next Step

When considering a project that intersects with Gopher Tortoise habitats, it’s crucial to work with experts who understand the nuances of their conservation. Contact us today for a free quote tailored to your project’s needs. By partnering with Bear Environmental Consulting, you’re taking a significant step towards responsible development that respects Florida’s unique natural heritage.